• Children at Fellowship Hour
  • First Day School
  • Backyard play structures and vegetable garden pens.

Query of the Month: Query on SELF DISCIPLINE …

In my daily life, do I endeavor to express the spirit and teachings of Jesus?

Do I seek to attain the highest standards of personal conduct? Do I keep to simplicity and moderation in speech, in manner of living, and in the pursuit of my vocation? Do I refrain from habits, activities, and words likely to cause harm?

Am I scrupulous in telling the truth, in keeping my promises, and in paying my debts? Do I maintain integrity in all my dealings? Do I seek to avoid litigation and use of judicial oaths? Do I arrange my financial affairs so that I or my dependents will not be a burden to others?

Do I seek to answer that of God in every person, revering and loving the Inner Light that dwells in each heart, regardless of differing outward appearance, behavior, or belief?