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The Personnel Committee has two major functions involving Meeting employees. The first is to serve as the nucleus of a larger, specially-called, recruitment and hiring committee responsible for identifying and considering candidates to fill open, permanent positions with Ann Arbor Friends Meeting. When the need to hire a new Meeting employee arises, the Personnel Committee asks the Meeting to name this ad-hoc committee, which also includes the Meeting Clerk of the Meeting and other members or attenders as appropriate to the position. The ad-hoc committee then recommends a candidate for the Meeting’s approval.

The second function of the Personnel Committee is to oversee all aspects of personnel management for the Meeting and its employees, among them administering salary and benefits; attending to the work environment and the welfare of the employees; conducting annual performance reviews; and being available to the Meeting and its employees in a liaison and support role on personnel matters.

Working with the Treasurer (and the Finance Committee as necessary) in the fall of the year, the committee develops preliminary and final personnel budgets which include recommended staff wage/salary increases for the coming year as well as other adjustments to the existing personnel budget. The committee may also, at any time, make recommendations to the Finance Committee and to the Meeting on specific salary/benefit issues having financial implications for the Meeting.

The Personnel Committee conducts annual performance reviews of the Meeting’s permanent staff in June-July of each year. These reviews are based on input received from the officers and committee conveners as well as from the employees and Personnel Committee members themselves. The reviews are intended to be open and frank, two-way, constructive discussions supportive of the employees and of the needs of the Meeting. Follow-up is initiated on any issues of concern, and copies of final evaluations are produced for the staff and for the Meeting’s employee files. The Personnel Committee, while available to employees and to the Meeting at any time, also schedules a mid-year “progress check” with staff in January as an opportunity to discuss any work-related matter, identify issues or problems that require Committee attention, and lay out plans for the resolution of such issues.

Finally, as the Meeting has need for temporary or substitute employees, the Personnel Committee determines the wages rate for such employees and is available on an as-needed basis to work with regular staff or committee conveners on personnel-related issues involving such temporary or substitute employees.

Committee Membership Term: Three-year overlapping for members and attenders; three persons on the committee, one person in each term.
Convener: Catherine Shaw