Peace and Social Concerns Committee2020-05-30T09:24:01-04:00


Members of the Religious Society of Friends have historically and consistently rejected war and violence as contrary to our understanding and experience of God’s love. Over the years Friends have sought to alleviate the suffering caused by war, promote justice in the larger society, and encourage the development of cooperation and harmony among all peoples.

On the basis of this experience, the Peace and Social Concerns Committee (P&SC) educates itself and the Meeting on a variety of peace and social consciousness issues of concern to Friends. The Committee transmits information to the Meeting community to allow for informed decision making. Social action requests that come to the Meeting are referred to the Committee, which evaluates them and, for those considered feasible and worthy, suggests that the Meeting take action on an issue or help sponsor a community effort.

The Committee also oversees the work of subcommittees and interest groups organized around a specific peace or social justice issue (such as the advisors on Conscientious Objection). The Palestine-Israel Action Group (PIAG) and Justice Action Group (JAG) are subcommittees of P&SC.

Convener: Phil Stoffregen