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The Nominating Committee is charged with the long-range task of planning for the leadership needs of the Meeting, and the annual task of recruiting personnel to serve the Meeting. It provides a slate of officers and representatives for the Meeting, as well as proposing conveners and members for standing committees. The slate of officers should be discussed with the Committee on Ministry and Counsel before going to the meeting for business. The committee provides a draft report for the business meeting in April; approval of the final Nominating Committee report is requested in June. Filling vacancies in leadership that occur during the year is another responsibility of the Nominating Committee.

In recruiting members for committees, the Nominating Committee contacts all officers, representatives, and committee conveners about their current position; conveners and the Clerk(s) can be asked about the needs of specific committees, the participation of current members, and suggestions of others who might be approached to serve. The committee then tries to contact everyone in the Meeting Directory to inquire about their wishes and to encourage wide participation in the life of the Meeting. General announcements can also be made in the newsletter and elsewhere. For individual committees, Nominating Committee strives to propose both new members with fresh insights and continuing members with institutional memory.

Committee Membership Term: Three-year overlapping made by the Commitee on Ministry and Counsel. Persons on the committee have to be members of the Society of Friends.
Convener: Lonnie Harvey