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The Finance Committee meets monthly to scrutinize the income and expenses of the Meeting. It sees that careful, accurate records are kept, that bills are paid, and that spending is consistent with the bud­get. It also accounts for contributions from Friends and payments for use of facilities (from the Quaker House residential community, organizations with offices, and hourly users).

A monthly report on income and spending is submitted to the Finance Committee by the Bookkeeper. This financial report, as approved by the Committee, is made available to members and its contents are reported at meeting for business. The Committee also presents an Annual Financial Report at the February Meeting for Business.

After soliciting input from Meeting committees, the Finance Committee prepares an annual budget; a draft version is presented at the October Meeting for Business, and the final budget is ap­proved during the November Meeting, in time for the start of the fiscal year (January 1 to December 31).

The Committee offers guidance to the Meeting on funding large expenditures, transferring funds, and making investments, as needed. It also has responsibility for educating members and attenders about Meeting finances and encouraging contributions.

A Financial Handbook outlines details of financial procedures; the Committee reviews and updates this periodically.

Committee Membership Term: One-year renewable for members and attenders.
Convener: Susan Hartman