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The Contributions Committee helps the Meeting allocate money to particular outside organizations.

Within guidelines adopted by the Meeting, and from an annual budget approved by the Meeting, this Committee allocates money to particular outside organizations. Meeting as needed throughout the year, the Committee gathers information to develop and maintain expertise about these organizations. It presents the list of proposed annual contributions at the September Meeting for Business; the final list is presented for approval at the October Meeting for Business. Following Meeting approval, the Committee provides the Treasurer with the list of organizations to receive contributions, the amounts, and the organizations’ addresses.

The outside organizations supported by the Meeting are generally limited to: 1) Friends organizations; 2) pacifist organizations; 3) organizations of which the Meeting is a member or for which it appoints an official representative; 4) organizations in which members or attenders have significant leadership or voluntary service roles; and 5) organizations that reflect continuing concerns of the Meeting. Proposals for additional deserving organizations should be presented to the Committee for consideration. The Committee also welcomes information that Meeting members and attenders have about organizations on the proposed list of recipients. Up to ten percent of the annual contributions expense budget may be spent at the Committee’s discretion on special requests that arise during the year; this budget need not be spent in its entirety within the year, but may be carried over to the next fiscal year.

Committee Membership Term: Three-year renewable for members and attenders.
Convener: Steve Morehouse