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Readings for Reflection: May 2011
from the Committee on Ministry and Counsel

This month’s Reading for Reflection is from New Light – 12 Quaker Voices, a book that offers the spiritual perspectives of 12 contemporary Friends.

The Nature of God

Though my sense of the Divine is in the infinite and inexplicable, I see in the life, teaching, and death of Jesus a reflection of God which enables me to trust that I may also find God near and in the everyday. Hence I have become confident that not a sparrow falls to the ground but it is known and loved, that there is not a single human failing that is not redeemable, or a joy or grief that is not comprehended in the nature of God. I conclude that the nature of God is to offer us a creative part in the universe. This is a God of attachment to all people, to the earth and to justice, and that has huge political and social significance for the way I should lead my life. Above all, I find in the words of Bonhoeffer, the German theologian, “the transcendental is not infinite and unattainable tasks, but the neighbor who is within reach in any situation.” The God I encounter through Jesus tells me I shall meet God as much in my action as in my waiting or worship. The way is costly. The only power I may use is love.

New Light – 12 Quaker Voices
Ed. Jennifer Kavanagh
O Books, Winchester, UK, 2008
pp. 68-69

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