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Readings for Reflection: April 2011
from the Committee on Ministry and Counsel

Thomas R. Kelly was a prominent Quaker educator in the 20th Century. His interest in spirituality and mysticism led him to explore Christian beliefs and Eastern philosophies.

Within Us

The springs and sources of dynamic, creative living lie not in the environmental drives and thrusts outside us but deep within us. Within us is a meeting place with God, who strengthens and invigorates our whole personality, and makes us new creatures, with new values and estimates of the world about us, seen through the eyes of direct and spontaneous love…. The tempests and inner strains of self-seeking, self-oriented living grow still. We learn to be worked through; serenity takes the place of anxiety; fretful cares are replaced by a deep and certain assurance. Something of the cosmic patience of God Himself becomes ours, and we walk in quiet assurance and boldness; for he is with us. His rod and His staff comfort us.

Thomas R. Kelly, Reality of the Spiritual World, Pendle Hill Pamphlet No. 21 (1942, pp. 41-42), as excerpted in Faith and Practice, Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, 1972, p. 82.

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