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Readings for Reflection: January 2009
from the Committee on Ministry and Counsel

This month’s reading is a passage from John Lewis’ book, Walking with the Wind: Memoir of the Movement. The passage reflects on Lewis’ experience as he learned about nonviolence in the 1950s.

The Spirit of History

It was at this time that I began believing in what I call the Spirit of History. Others might call it Fate. Or Destiny. Or a Guiding Hand. Whatever it is called, I came to believe that this force is on the side of what is good, of what is right and just. It is the essence of the moral force of the universe, and at certain points in life, in the flow of human existence and circumstances, this force, this spirit, finds you or selects you, it chases you down, and you have no choice; you must allow yourself to be used, to be guided by this force and to carry out what must be done. To me, that concept of surrender, of giving yourself over to something inexorable, something so much larger than yourself, is the basis of what we call faith. And it is the first and most crucial step toward opening yourself to the Spirit of History.

Walking With the Wind: Memoir of the Movement, by John Lewis with Michael D’Orso, Simon and Schuster, New York, 1998, p. 73.

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