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Readings for Reflection: September 2005
from the Committee on Ministry and Counsel

On Intervisitation

We travel as a consequence of our human curiosity, and many of us have likely indulged that curiosity over the past few months. Great personal enrichment may result from visiting friends and places, and the appreciation of the hosts for a visit will be readily expressed (it is hoped!). As we travel near and far, we might keep in mind the Britain Yearly Meeting advice:

We urge Friends, when staying away from home during holiday or on business, to attend a meeting for worship if there is one within reach. Such attendance may well have the effect of strengthening the meeting, and of helping Friends who were hitherto strangers to know one another. (BYM Quaker Faith and Practice, 13.29)

Remember the passage from The Journal of John Woolman: "(I) found an enlargement of gospel love in my mind and therein a concern to visit Friends in some of the back settlements of Pennsylvania and Virginia"; and as you plan your next journey, consider referring to one of two web sites (Quaker.org and QuakerFinder.org) or the Friends Journal to find the location and contact information for Friends Meetings near your destination. You might also consult the Directory for Traveling Friends 2005 in the Meeting office. And consider asking the Clerk to write a "traveling minute" for you to share with the host Meeting. It's a way for all of us to keep in touch, making connections that build the wider Friends' community.

Nancy Taylor

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