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Readings for Reflection: July 2014
from the Committee on Ministry and Counsel

Quaker Practice Unbound from Belief

Introduction: What does it mean to "know something experimentally," as the early Quakers wrote? I have found this a wonderful phrase, referring to what you know by your own observation and experience rather than from reading or being told. How does this relate to faith, belief, testimony – how we "be" in our world? How do we make room for those whose experience has led them to other conclusions or beliefs? How do we justify the Christocentric Friend and the non-theist sitting in silent meeting together? Are we both worshipping? What binds us together? The following excerpt got me to think more about this and about my own life as a Quaker.
~ John Deikis

The “Reading” is Lucy Duncan’s Acting in Faith, a blog published by AFSC, May 2, 2014, paragraphs 8, 10, & 11, starting “A couple of years ago there was a conversation…,” and concluding “Can we meet people where they are and respect each person’s journey of faith?”
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