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Readings for Reflection: July 2012
from the Committee on Ministry and Counsel

Young Friends’ Experiences of Quakerism

A query

Do I set aside time for myself during the day?
Or do I wear myself out all around all day?
Do I know who I am? Do I care for my light?
Or are my stress levels rising beyond my control?

Can I simply listen to that radiant light,
     My inner light that yearns for rediscovery?
Am I sacrificing myself for the other things,
     The material pressures upon me all day?
Or will I take time to feed that flickering candle?

Will I care for the Light around me,
     And cause them all to glow more brightly?
Will I search for the hidden, and take out the darkness?
Can I, through sharing light, help us all glow stronger?

                                   Brianna Richardson, 17
                                   North Pacific Yearly Meeting, USA

Talking with God

For me, being a Quaker isn’t easy, by that I mean there are a lot of
hard choices to be made, and you’re left on your own to get in touch
with God, which is good. This being left alone means that I can
come to terms with God, and at anytime I need. There is no minister
there to tell me how and when to talk to God, or even to talk to him
or her so that they can speak to God on my behalf. There is a down
side to this though. Without anyone telling you how to do any of
this, it seems rather hard to get in touch with God. Thus I have come
to the conclusion that there is no “right” way to speak with God, just
do it the best you can, and God will understand.

                                                                Calvin Alvin Taylor III, 16
                                                                Baltimore Yearly Meeting, USA

Both contributions are from the section titled “Spiritual Journeys,” ed.
P. Zion Klos, in Whispers of Faith: Young Friends Share their
Experiences of Quakerism
, ed. W. Geoffrey Black, P. Zion Klos,
Claire Reddy, Milam Smith, and Rachel Stacy. Philadelphia: Quakers
Uniting in Publications, 2005.
Used with permission.

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