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Readings for Reflection: June 2013
from the Committee on Ministry and Counsel

High Windows

A Friend recently read this poem by Peggy Purcell at early meeting for worship. It spoke to many Friends. Peggy is thrilled that we like her poem and want to share it with everyone at Ann Arbor Friends Meeting.

     High windows in the meeting house
     next to the raftered ceiling
     witness seasons passing.
     Tree tops in view
     a piece of sky, grey or blue,
     tree branches,
     leaves, limbs and snow
     testify to change.

     Light streams across the floor
     where pairs of feet
     in shoes – shined or scuffed,
     stretched out, tucked in,
     lined up or skewed –
     relax in scattered seating.

     Faces raised or bowed,
     eyes open, closed,
     some hands folded, held,
     arms draped across
     the backs of pews
     or family members’ shoulders.

     Eyes meet across the room,
     a smile may bloom
     between Friends sharing
     the sacred silence.

     The meeting house
     is bare of decoration
     but resplendent
     in simplicity –
     a testimony to
     Friends simply seeking
     the Light shining through
     plain speaking.

                                             Peggy Purcell

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