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Readings for Reflection: May 2005
from the Committee on Ministry and Counsel

The following succinct description of Quaker worship was written some time ago by the late Isabel Bliss, a member of our Meeting for many years. It has appeared over the names of Bill and Isabel Bliss, but Bill insists that the writing is Isabelís.

Quaker Worship

In meeting after the manner of Friends (Quakers), worshippers gather for quiet two-way communication with God. No intermediary. We lift our hearts in praise and thanksgiving. In humility we bring our longings, hopes, and frustrations, our successes and our failures. We are open to Godís guidance. Brief spoken messages or prayers may be given by anyone who feels prompted by the Spirit. There is no pre-arrangement, only a holy expectancy, and commitment to be faithful to that Spirit, either as a speaker or as a listener.

There is no preparation except as oneís whole life is preparation. In worship, the whole of life is held in Godís light. In one sense, worship never ends, for we are always in Godís presence. The close of this period of waiting, however, is marked by an exchange of handclasps with those sitting nearby. May God bless this time together.

Isabel Bliss

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