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Readings for Reflection: February 2018
from the Committee on Ministry and Counsel

Annual LEYM Query, 2017

This month's reading is the annual set of queries from the Ministry & Nurture Commitee of Lake Erie Yearly Meeting, accompanied by a page of related quotations. Note that Ann Arbor Friends will gather for worship sharing on these queries on Friday, February 9 at 6:15 in the Fellowship Room. A pizza dinner will precede the worship sharing. All are welcome; see the notice on the Announcements page for more details.

The LEYM queries are: 

·   How might we support each other as we find peaceful and persistent responses to actions that exclude and judge?

·   In what ways do we, as Quakers, hold ourselves and the Other in the Light when our disagreements seem insurmountable?

·   How do we find common ground as we listen to those with whom we disagree?

A pdf file with the queries and supporting quotations can be seen by clicking here.

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