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Readings for Reflection: May 2017
from the Committee on Ministry and Counsel

An Unfathomable Mystery

For many years now, I have read and enjoyed John's McQuiston's writings about religion as a "way of life" that has little to do with dogmas and doctrines and everything to do with love. I am drawn to his books because they remind me especially in difficult times to embrace both the everyday miracle of our lives and the unfathomable Mystery in which they are embedded. Combining insights from both religion and science, McQuiston stresses that the universe we live in is relational at every level. Nothing exists separate from everything else. We can't cherry pick the "good" things and leave the rest. But there is a "Hidden Wholeness" that embraces all if we can but see it.
                                                                                                            ~ Rick Plewa

In the early years of the twentieth century it was widely assumed that eventually we would discover the explanation for the workings of the universe and its origins. Now, in the early years of the twenty-first, we have rediscovered the humbling, ancient truth that we live in a fathomless and transcendent mystery. By an inexplicable process, we were brought into life from stardust. Daily it provides us with all the wonders and challenges of existence: spring breezes, loyalty, wildflowers, curiosity, mountains, consciousness, poems, friendship, tragedy, laughter, fear, trust, joy, death, birth, clouds, love, sexuality, tigers, songbirds, struggle, gain, loss, integrity, duplicity, oceans, economic forces, concern, trees, doubt, and faith in short, with all that is. And when we look deep inside ourselves to discover what we are, we find that the answer to that question is as much an unsolved puzzle as the origin of the universe.

~ Excerpt from A Prayer Book for the 21st Century, by John McQuiston

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